Makna Kehidupan

Apa yang telah terjadi di dalam hidup kita tidak akan terasa berarti, kalau kita tidak merenungkannya. Pesan yang terkandung dari setiap kejadian yang telah kita alami, dan apa tanggapan kita atau apa yang akan kita lakukan untuk kedepannya. Apakah kejadian-kejadian yang telah kita alami itu bisa membawa kita untuk menjadi manusia yang lebih baik lagi atau tidak? Apa yang seharusnya kita lakukan untuk bisa mencapai tujuan hidup kita? Pertanyaan-pertanyaan yang muncul seketika didalam benak kita, bisa dijadikan bahan untuk menganalisa suatu kejadian yang terjadi di dalam kehidupan kita.

“Saya tidak pernah menulis semua kejadian yang telah saya alami, tapi hanya menyimpannya didalam hatiku sendiri.”

By Rysie Katrin Moniung.


How I Love Thee

My feelings towards you can’t be calculate nor no range

            From the time I have met you,my world stops and change

            I don’t know what is in you

            All I know,I started to love you

            You inspired me everyday

            To the point, happiness was filled my heart the whole day

            When I’m with you magical love is in the air

            Hope I could catch them to show you that my love is pure, true and fair

            I wake up everyday, knowing your in my heart and in my mind

            I feel thankful and absolutely grateful to God

            For atlast, I have found you

            All I can promise you is to remain faithful and always be YOU,…  ♥☺

by Frances Marie Cañete

The Journey

Without love I started. With the basic of angry I cluster. Initially there was only a friendship, then having a romantic bond. Love that i was proud and how could fling me. The figure that i  was admire, immediately turned into hatred. That came to my mind was anger.

Then you came! There is no love that I feel. There is no love even for an instant. That there is only revenge. And you are right to be an intermediary for I hurt him. I feel guilty because I should not do. Crying because I really do not deserve anger coupled with your kindness.

Amazingly you, because you’re still standing beside me although I continue to get hurt by my attitude. Amazingly you, because with patience, you keep saying “why not” for all my mistakes. Amazingly you, because there is never a shame when you drop a tear for all the trouble I was. And stupid me, because do not realize how precious tears, which felt with a sincere affection just only for me.

You made me to love you more than the love I love before. You made me understand that love can not be forced. Emotions and anger is a wasted moment. Walking together, skip together, love, sorrow, tears, laughter, anger, and envy, you never leave. Even for a bite of rice when we did not have, you’re still beside me, and through the day with laughter and jokes. Together with you, teaching me so many new things. With you, made me come back stronger although i had brittle.

God really loves me, that brings me to you. God really loves me, so do not let me to continue to fall. Because of His love, so I’m willing to learned a sacrifice and lost. I learned to forgive even the emotions so I wanted to vent. I learned to appreciate every moment and not to waste it. I learned to make you happy and do not to hurt you until finally you go.

Figure a better person, that’s me. Honed with all the experience I went through with you. Although others look down upon all that we have passed, though in spite views rained every day. That did not discourage me to continue to love you. And I feel want to screaming in front of them. I’m proud to be loved by you. Lord thy kindness, would accompany us for ever.

Look to the right who sincerely love you, understand well who does not deserve to be loved by you. Because of the sincerity of love not proved only in words, but the sacrifice, dedication and patience that made ​​the brackets a long time, resulting in strong bonds backed by the experience of learning outcomes. That makes the bond itself worthy to be preserved.

by Jean Kakampu

A Letter For Him

For him ;

We came from two different worlds. We then vary in too much differences. Your beliefs vs. my beliefs, your culture vs, my culture, your tradition vs. my tradition and the most difficult, you towards my family. We came a long journey and during those journeys we had, were full of sacrifices, patience, and hope to the point that its getting to be fantastical. Look! We are, we official now our relationship. I ask the Lord to have our relationship last, though I know asking have it last, requires so much patience, more understandings, and the process is very painful. We also misunderstood. Yet, you know, we make the best that we can do.

I keep and received so much criticisms which really hurts and I even forget to smile, but yet I still follow what my heart desire.

~This time, I thank you for you made me realize to stay away with my worries towards you, I reflected to focus more on myself and to realize my worth. It doesn’t mean I will go away with you, it’s just I have to do something for myself. You know already the sweet and caring words coz I tell you that everyday. God knows best I wish for ours. Hope you will be the one till the last. But, I don’t know when and where will this end, so as early I have to be open for some sudden changes that may intrude to ours. Maybe we love each other but we don’t own each other. Nothing will change then, just go to your world and I’ll have mine.

by Frances Marie Cañete

Where Are You When I Love You

I love you to the smooth bottom of my heart

I hate you coz I love you

I’ve got no control with my feelings, it happens just like this :

You’re a bird that I fly with;

You’re an ecstasy that I addicted with;

You’re the food that I ate;

You’re the memory that annoyingly flashes back to my mind;

You’re the words that I utter;

You’re venom that poisons my heart and my mind with your existence;

I hate you and really hate you coz you I can’t take myself exonerate away with you.

by Frances Marie Cañete

To You My Love

I love you!

Do you love me too?

My love for you is like a flowing river,

Still fresh and lasts forever,

How aloof you are!

Can’t you see? I love you

Open your eyes and heart,

Feel it,have it;

Don’t wait ’till its gone

How precious is to love!

How worthy to be loved

I  shall  say ‘I love you’ to the pave of the wind

Paradise! I am if you would say ‘I love you too’

by Frances Marie Cañete