Let The Forgiving Do Its Part

I know who you are. I can read you like an open book. I knew you since i was a child. You might tough that i was rude and so on, but i don’t care, i not children anymore. I have my own right for my future. It all about me. this is about me, myself and i. The more i being there, the more pain i got. it’s time to make a change.

Do you know how pain am i when my ****** kept asking me about the same question. Do you know how hard am i try to be want u want me to be ? No! You don’t, right ?! Yeah, i heard that you put all the blame on me. People would talk or say something bad on me. They don’t no what the real story is. But it’s okay bha. Now i felt happy even it will make thing get worse. At least i can do what the best for me and my family.

Now i back to where i belong. So much thing i want to do with them. So much thing i want to talk to them. I has waste to much time. Now time for me to pay it. Only God know what i have been thru. I really thank and Praise to Lord for giving me chance to make all the thing became alright. For now let it to God and let the forgiving do its part. One day i hope that thing going to be clear. I learnt so much thing. Thank God, because being in this situation made me become stronger and matured.

Different people has different story about they life. This is story about my life. Yeah, i’m smiling but that doesn’t mean i was happy with my life.

by Jennifer O’Sayue N


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