A Letter For Him

For him ;

We came from two different worlds. We then vary in too much differences. Your beliefs vs. my beliefs, your culture vs, my culture, your tradition vs. my tradition and the most difficult, you towards my family. We came a long journey and during those journeys we had, were full of sacrifices, patience, and hope to the point that its getting to be fantastical. Look! We are, we official now our relationship. I ask the Lord to have our relationship last, though I know asking have it last, requires so much patience, more understandings, and the process is very painful. We also misunderstood. Yet, you know, we make the best that we can do.

I keep and received so much criticisms which really hurts and I even forget to smile, but yet I still follow what my heart desire.

~This time, I thank you for you made me realize to stay away with my worries towards you, I reflected to focus more on myself and to realize my worth. It doesn’t mean I will go away with you, it’s just I have to do something for myself. You know already the sweet and caring words coz I tell you that everyday. God knows best I wish for ours. Hope you will be the one till the last. But, I don’t know when and where will this end, so as early I have to be open for some sudden changes that may intrude to ours. Maybe we love each other but we don’t own each other. Nothing will change then, just go to your world and I’ll have mine.

by Frances Marie Cañete


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