Changing The Mindset

A group of tourists stranded in a strange place outside of town. They found only food that is expired. Because of hunger, they were forced to eat it, even though previously attempted first to a dog who was enjoying it and unseen side effects. The next day, when he heard the dog dies, everyone becomes anxious. Many began vomiting and complained of body heat or diarrhea. A doctor called to treat people with food poisoning. The doctor began to look of a dog. When about to be tracked, uh dog was already dead because the crushed car.

 What was interesting about the story above? Apparently we react according to what we think, not on reality itself. We see the World as We Are, not as it is. The root of everything is the way we look. The way we see affects what we do, and what we do affects what we get. This is called a model of See-Do-Get. New fundamental changes that will occur when there is a change of view.

There is an interesting story about a husband and wife who have been divorced. One day, Simpson, (this woman’s name) came to the office of Roy, ex-husband. At that time Roy was serving a customer. See Simpson waited nervously, the head office and ask her to him talk. The boss said, “I am so happy, your husband works for me. He was a highly significant in our company, so attentive and kind budinya.” Simpson stunned to hear praise the boss, but he did not say anything. Roy turned out to hear the comments of the boss. After Miller left, he explains, “We do not live together anymore since six months ago, and now he only came to see me when she needed extra money for our son.” A few weeks later the phone rang for Roy. He picked it up and said, “Okay Ma, we will see the house together after working hours.” After that he approached his boss and said, “Simpson and I have decided to start our marriage again. He began to see me differently shortly after Father spoke to him the other day.

“Imagine, drastic changes occur solely due to changes in the way of seeing. Initially, Simpson may see her as an annoying, but apparently in the eyes of others Roy really fun. Miller was the one who invites reconciliation, and they returned home to enjoy the far more beautiful than ever. Everything we do stems from the way we see the problem. Therefore, if you want to change lives dramatically, we need a revolution (renewal) way of thinking.
Stephen Covey once said: “If you want a small change in life, garaplah your behavior, but if you want the changes are significant and fundamental, garaplah paradigm (logic model) you.” Covey is true, the change does not always start from the way we see (See). He might also start from our behavior (Do). However, the effect is very different. The way we see the real problem is the problem itself. Therefore, to change lives, you need to do just one:
Change the way you look at the problem and the various things that exist, as it is there. Begin to see an authoritarian boss, subordinates are not cooperative, customers are fussy and bossy spouse as the challenges and blessings in disguise. These people are a boon for you as it can make you more competent, more professional, more wise and more patience. “All adversity is really an opportunity for our souls to grow.”


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